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Also called sound conditioners

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Unlike campgrounds, these venues have no quiet hours and nothing separates your RV from semi trucks on both sides. It is not nearly as loud as the air conditioning fan, so it is ideal for less noisy campgrounds. As you are woken repeatedly by random bangs, you pray for the wind to die down. I would think that few individuals can sleep through the noise of 600 horsepower diesels pulling in and out during the night.

LIGHTBright lights are another source of disturbance for the light sleeper. Sound machine

Also called sound conditioners, these are electronic acoustic devices that emit a variety of noises such as waves, rushing water, gentle rain, simple white noise, etc. These noises vary from crickets, hooting owls, howling coyotes, singing frogs, and any number of things that stir in the dark. Stand-alone fan

The hum of a standard desk of floor fan placed close to the bed is also a great source of masking noise. Battery operated sound machines are ideal so they may be used while not plugged into power. At night you fall asleep quickly, surrounded by complete darkness and the sound of trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Their proximity to the highway is desirable for getting back on the road quickly, but this same proximity brings constant noise. The most common noises that RVers have to deal with are:

Both are convenient locations to pull into for the night when other facilities are not necessary. After being accustomed to noisier environments, even the deep silence between nature sounds can make it difficult to fall asleep. Running the fan on the air conditioning unit

Ours has a pretty loud fan, ideal to mask the sounds of noisy neighbors and moderate rain.

. Enormous trees are shading the lot, providing a pleasant sitting place with a lake view.


Some of the loudest noises can not be masked and must be dealt with in other ways. Then, BANG! No, that was not a shotgun, it was the horse apple tree shedding its fruit on the roof of your motor home, shaken loose by the midnight gusts.

RV park noises

Living around RV's means being around large vehicles, many of them with loud diesel engines. These parks usually offer spacious campgrounds where artificial noises are rarely heard. If the factory shades or blinds are not adequate to darken the bedroom, invest in one of the various devices designed to seal windows and roof vents. Thick towels or manila folders attached to the shades will block out a good amount of light and are good temporary solutions. Sunlight can also be an issue for those who need to sleep during daylight. As much as I enjoy listening to nature sounds while awake, irregular noises wake me.

Common sources of RV movement:

People and pets moving inside RV Strong winds, especially if awnings are deployed

The solution to minimizing movement is to level and stabilize the RV as well as possible. Our fifteen pound Schnauzer can shake our 17,000 lbs trailer just by jumping down from the sofa. Talking near other RV's, laughing, TV and radio noises, yelling at the game on TV, allowing dogs to bark, are common nighttime problems in closely packed campgrounds.

The day and night shades found in many RV's are inadequate to sufficiently block out bright lights. In a few weeks I became accustomed to the steady murmur of tires, but occasional loud vehicles continued to wake me. In windy conditions, stow all awnings to reduce surface area. Common sources of bright lights are from light poles, lights from neighboring RV's, and vehicle headlights.

Here are several ways to reduce disruptive noises in an RV:


I find that earplugs block out a great amount of noise, but are uncomfortable to sleep with. The setting is gorgeous in every way'the perfect place to relax for the weekend. No matter how many products are used, some movement will exist in the RV and will take getting used to. Being a very light sleeper, RV life has cost me many restless nights and prompted me to seek out a solution. It amazes me what small effort is required to shake a heavy trailer.

Highway linsheng noises

Another favorite of many RVers on the move is the easy on, easy off RV park.


Even the best stabilized RV's will have some movement or vibration. An inconsiderate operator compounds the problem by making no effort at being quiet.

In our previous fixed foundation home, disturbances had been fewer and my sleep more restful.

Our new life as fulltimers brought me an unexpected challenge?getting a good night's sleep. For example, there is not much you can do about truck Spotlight Company stop noises or objects falling from a tree above. Dehumidifier

Even if humidity is not a problem, we usually run it for the humming noise it produces. The solution for these noises is to limit your exposure. Having lived in our fifth wheel for over a year, I have found solutions for reducing some of the disturbances which have kept me up at night. Truck and rest stops are popular with the RV community because they are free and provide quick access to the highway. Chatting quietly next to a neighbor's bedroom window can be enough to wake a light sleeper. In addition to the stabilizer jacks that came with the recreational vehicle, consider add-on options such as under-the-frame jacks, king pin stabilizers, tire locking chocks, etc.

Have you experienced this yet: You pull into a large slot in a beautiful state park.

As often as we can, my wife and I seek out serene settings such as state and national parks. Is this issue significant enough to cause me to reconsider the RV fulltimer lifestyle? Not even close, but worth considering if you are interested in joining the adventure.One of the loudest noises inside an RV is heavy rain or sleet hitting the roof. It may be worth stopping one night in a noisy rest stop, but plan the next night in a quieter setting so you don't deprive yourself of restful sleep for too long. Even the most courteous RV operator will occasionally have to arrive late or leave very early; RV setup and movement causes noise, no matter how careful one is about minimizing it.

To be clear, the sleep disturbances discussed in this article are not necessarily constant nor problematic enough to cause loss of sleep every night. Be aware that moderate TV and radio noises can be heard next door, especially if doors or windows are open. Fortunately, this is an infrequent occurrence and should only be an occasional bother. The best you can hope for is that the trucks on either side of you are staying for the night, supplying a constant idling noise, which you can get accustomed to. The upside is that they are inexpensive, easy to carry, and require no electricity.

While I find the large majority of RV dwellers to be very considerate of others, one bad camper can ruin the night.

By far, the most disruptive are the various noises surrounding the RV lifestyle. Much of it depends on the surroundings and personal habits of the occupants.

Fortunately, many sounds can be masked by constant noise, or "white noise", to minimize their disruptive effects on sleep. Because we had to remain within commuting distance of the city, our first RV park for six months was next to a busy highway. The lighter the RV, the more movement can be felt. On the other hand, recreational vehicle living exposes the occupants to more disturbances due to the lighter construction and the surroundings. On the other hand, a gentle shower has a relaxing sound that lulls me to sleep.

However if you want lights that are going to provide

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However if you want lights that are going to provide a high level of illumination at night then it is worth considering installing super bright LED flood lights.Reason 6 - These types of lights release very little heat when on and so you will find that the risk of someone getting burnt when they come into contact with them is very unlikely. This is because these forms of lights don't contain any UV, IR, mercury or lead in them that when they become heated release gases that could prove harmful to one's health. So you don't have to limit yourself at installing them high up but can also be located at ground level as well.Reason 2 - Super bright LED flood lights like other forms of LED flood lights use far less energy to power them and don't create as much heat. Emergency Light Manufacturers In this article we take a look at the reasons for choosing these types of LED flood lights over some of the others. As a result you will not have to use led flood light so much energy to provide the power that will help them to create the necessary LED lights.Reason 5 - As you will learn just like other types of LED lights you will find that these ones are very eco friendly. On average the bulbs that are installed in these types of lights can last for between 60,000 and 100,000 hours. In most cases these types of lights have the ability to illuminate an area of between 150 and 300 square foot.Reason 4 - Along with these types of flood lights coming in a variety of different colors you have the ability to control this as well. So of course this in turn means that they last for much longer compared to say incandescent or fluorescent flood lights do. So of course you will not find yourself having to spend money and time on replacing the bulbs in these as often. You have the option either to control the change so that it happens gradually or very quickly. So finding the right flood lights to help enhance the look of your home or business as well as provide additional security will not prove at all difficult. You can now get flood lights where you are able to change the color if you want.LED lights have evolved over the years and are becoming more and more prominent in terms of use both in the residential and industrial sectors for lighting purposes.Reason 3 - You will find that these come in a wide array of colors as well as bright white you can get ones that emit warm white light or even red, blue or yellow light as well.Reason 7 - As Super Bright LED flood lights emit a much brighter light compared to that emitted by fluorescent or incandescent ones so you won't need to use so many..Reason 1 - These types of lights have a much wider viewing angle so this means that they illuminate a much larger area. The various benefits of LEDs have benefited the lighting industry substantially over the last few years, and the versatility of these lights have made them exceptionally useful for various lighting purposesThere are numerous types of flood lights now available for both commercial and residential use.

Let’s not forget that the Secret Service is the finest protection service in the world

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“Let’s not forget that the Secret Service is the finest protection service in the world,” Johnson said.“The Secret Service is stretched too [thin] and, in many cases, beyond its limits,” the report concludes. “The panel found an organization starved for leadership that rewards innovation and excellence and demands accountability.They also announced a series of bipartisan investigations in the new year that will explore the issues raised in the report. But in fiscal year 2013, the average agent received only forty-two hours of training, apart from firearms re-qualifications and basic career development technical requirements. “The Secret Service must commit to change. soil, Kessler argues that a former high-ranking FBI official would be an ideal choice to change the agency’s “lax management culture that has led to these problems that threaten the president’s life.”While the panel stresses the need for strong new leadership, it also says additional resources and staff should be provided as soon as possible.Earlier Thursday, Earnest said he doesn’t have a timeline for an announcement of a new permanent Secret Service director.An outside panel evaluating security breaches and cultural problems within the Secret Service recommended more training and staff, a higher fence around the White House and, most importantly, a new director from the outside who can change the agency’s insular culture. The report recommends that the agency add at least 200 positions in the Uniformed Division, which is charged with security at the White House complex, and 85 in the Presidential Protective Division, who safeguard the president and the first family when they travel.Johnson also pointedly noted that some of the panel’s recommendations are similar to others made in past agency reviews that were never implemented.“This is not something, in my judgment, based on the recommendations I’ve seen, that can change overnight,” Johnson told MSNBC Thursday. Clancy headed the agency’s presidential protection division for several years before becoming director of corporate security for Comcast.“The president does have confidence in the men and women of the Secret Service,” Earnest added.That must change if the agency is committed to reform and accountability, the panel said..”Both Johnson and White House press secretary Josh Earnest Thursday said they believe the Secret Service is doing an excellent job in keeping the president and the first family safe.The Presidential Protection Division, for instance, in years past once trained for two weeks out of eight.S. While the panel recommended a minimal increase in agents and uniformed officers, it proposed larger increases in the future.”The panel, which also interviewed 120 experts inside and outside government, earned high praise from some recent critics of the agency.Panelists include Tom Perrelli, a former associate attorney general; Mark Filip, a former deputy attorney general and former U. “They are dedicated professionals that put their lives on the line every day to protect the president, the first family and all of us.When it comes to improving the fence, the panel declined to make precise recommendations but broadly said the agency should explore some “common-sense improvements” such as increasing the height by four or five feet; eliminating horizontal bars, which make it easier to climb; and including an outward curvature at the top of the fence to make scaling it more difficult.”Earlier in an interview Thursday, Johnson said the report uncovered deep-seated problems that the agency won’t be able to fix quickly., the ranking member of the panel, issued a joint statement Thursday thanking the panel for its hard work. “Accountability creates the culture of performance that the Secret Service needs to meet its zero-failure mission. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. He placed the onus on the Secret Service and himself to ensure the reforms take place. “The need for solar street light a strong leader from outside the agency who will impose accountability being the most important.Officers in the uniformed division are working an “unsustainable number of hours,” the report found, often keeping them from much-needed training sessions. Throughout the majority of its nearly 149-year history, only once has the agency had a director from outside its ranks. The panel's criticism of the Secret Service as insular is especially important.Most of the panel’s report remains classified, but the Department of Homeland Security released an executive summary Thursday afternoon that found systemic and substantial problems with top brass at the Secret Service, an agency tasked with protecting the president, the first family, former presidents and dignitaries, as well as uncovering financial crimes.”“These are not just morale issues, or issues of fairness or trust,” they wrote.”Incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who led the charge for more scrutiny of the Secret Service over the last year, and Rep. For the Secret Service to maintain its high standards, the organization needs to be assured that managers believe in the standards and “enforce them in a consistent, evenhanded manner.“This time must be different,” he said.”“From agents to officers to supervisors, we heard a common desire: More resources would help, but what we really need is leadership,” they continue. District Court judge; Danielle Gray, a former Cabinet affairs secretary and assistant to the president; and Joseph Hagin, a former White House deputy chief of staff for operations.“Of the many concerns the panel encountered, the question of leadership is, in our view, the most important,” the panel wrote in the report.“[It] hit all the right notes,” Kessler said.S. The agency’s former director, Julia Pierson, stepped down in October after several security breaches came to light and halting testimony before Congress. Obama then appointed Joseph Clancy as acting director. Ron Kessler, the author of several books on the Secret Service, including his recently released "First Family Detail," said the report was right on the mark. “There are more fundamental, systemic issues with the Secret Service that I think need to be addressed and cannot be addressed overnight.“Any of the adjustments, the panel is certain, can be made without diminishing the aesthetic beauty or historic character of the White House grounds,” they wrote.Instead of developing better systems to more accurately reflect its staffing needs, the panel found that the agency has fallen back on giving existing employees more overtime.The panel concluded that the Secret Service needs strong, new leadership that can “drive change” within the organization.The organization has a zero-failure mission, and must constantly improve and evolve to face changing threats, the report said.“Only a director from outside the Service, removed from organizational traditions and personal relationships will be able to do the honest top-to-bottom reassessment this will require,” they wrote. Training for the Uniformed Division also has fallen to unacceptable levels, the report found.”Given the FBI’s success in thwarting attacks edsion bulb vintage on U.In releasing the report, Johnson called the recommendations “astute, thorough and fair,” and said some of the improvements at the agency have already begun.Johnson appointed the outside panel in the early fall after a number of security failures came to light, including a man jumping the White House fence and penetrating the ceremonial heart of the White House and another, and another first reported by the Washington Examiner, involving a breach of protocol when an armed security guard shared an elevator with Obama.“The investigation will examine security breaches that have recently been publicly reported, as well as focus on overall leadership, staffing, culture, protocol, technology, tactics and training issues,” they said.Another common refrain from the nearly 50 Secret Service agents and officers the panel interviewed is that the agency is too insular.

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